STORMY WEATHER and JIMMY CALIFORNIA walk across Madison Square on a quiet, snowy winter night! Snowflakes swirl! They look up at the famous sculptures on the roof of New York, Appellate Division Courthouse. Suddenly!

Season 2 Episode 03 MADISON!

Keep flooding the swamp dear. Over and over again! What an idiot! Hey dad. time for you to go drool somewhere. Me I'm taking over. From now on...        I am the swamp!
Time Flash! Uh oh!

No brakes!
GO SPACE KITTY heads for Planet Zinnia. She guards The Federalist Papers with her life. MADISON boards the phantom train with heavy heart. He knows their only hope is to teach every American child the constitution. They will become CONSTITUTION CRIERS.

Published the 29th of June  2019 THE SOUL TRAIN RIDE

Holy ROCKETSHIP Jimmy! What is happening?


SWIRL Twirl!



WAP Wobble WOMP!!



Tuesday, February 26, 1788

Lost in space time.

Jimmy! Stormy! Fire Queen needs super hero WHAM! BAM! down in THE SWAMP!
Here we
STORMY and JIMMY get sucked into the GO SPACE KITTY time skid space warp. Three time travelers tumble through space jumping portals. Falling down black holes. ROXY CRASHES into a living room in the home of JAMES MADISON, February 26, 1788 Stormy and Jimmy get lost in time!
Roxy. Teach all the children the separation of powers between three
branches of the federal government, as well as between state governments and the federal government, established a system of checks and balances that ensured that no one institution would become too powerful.


Sits on a sofa feet up, warm blanket.  Reading the Federalist Essays.IN: New-York Packet #779

MEANWHILE: BaDunka BUMP makes a back channel with SWAMPDROOD Breeder and plans to take over BUMP ENTERPRISES. In an interview with BRIGHT BUTT news she said: "I always wanted my own friggin' swamp OK! Do you know how much money the swamp takes in per hour! Baby I'm gettin' me some o' that swamp action. I'm starting my own SWAMP! So there! And I'm gonna call it, BedunkadunkUin Swamp!" By the way it must be stated that Bedunka is very very very very very good at something. We are pretty sure! She hires thugs. Kidnaps Bump. Bound and gagged and stuffed in a space pod and sent into outer space forever!
James, this could be the most important work in
political science that ever has been written, or is likely ever to be written, in the United States.
WHISTLE BLOWS! The sound of madness approaches!
Super Heroes JAMES DEENO & LUCY LIGHTING land in SWAMPDrood's swamp! This could spell DOOM for the fighters good against evil who did not anticipate THE SLUGE KING or genetically altered SHARKODILE GATORS!
Blubb Blubb
Gurgle Gurgle
Will JAMES DEENO and LUCY LIGHTNING die from the toxic sludge? Will the SAUCY TRIO invade SWAMPDROOD Breeder! Will GO SPACE KITTY! find the time tunnel home to Planet Zinnia? Can anyone stop the bumbling Bumps from FLOODING THE SWAMP! Who will save the HUMANS? EGADS! We need CONSTITUTION CRIERS!
Release the

FIREQEEN shows up just in time to save her friends! Now they must fight THE BATTLE OF SLUDGE  SWAMP!

James Madison rises from shadows in the past. Shadow of a Man. Glimpse of a presence. A being no more. The GHOST OF JAMES MADISON crawls out from his grave. Rides the spectre phantom soul train. On his way he gathers CONSTITUTION CRIERS. Destination D.C. 2019
Among the numerous advantages promised by a well constructed Union, none deserves to be more accurately developed than its tendency to break and control the violence of faction.
By a faction, I understand a number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority or a minority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or  of interest, adverse to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community.
There are two methods of curing the mischief of faction: the one, by removing its causes; the other by controlling its effects.

Here kitty kitty. Nice kitty.

So I sent him to outer space forever. So what! He would have done the same to me. Family. You know.