Season 2 Episode 02 The FIRE QUEEN!

SwampDUCK Floatie Toy

BUY ONE NOW & Save your butt! The swamp SLIME creatures are underwater Butt Eaters!! And the swamp water is rising fast! Hurry! While they last!
Just keep flooding the swamp dear.
Blubb Bubb
Toil & Trouble
Red Alert!
Call YODI!
MEANWHILE: BaDunka BUMP keeps flooding the swamp and SWAMPDROOD Breeder is about to release his new diabolical strain of genetically modified, morally deficient, frankenstein swamp creatures! Beware! SWAMP WATERS RISE AT RECORD PACE!
Daddy Daddy! The bad NEWS PEOPLE are telling everybody the truth about us againand I'm pretty sure you are a fake!

Published 5th of August 2018 Some like it HOT!

Disguised as STORMY WEATHER, super hero LUCY LIGHTNING and JIMMY CALIFORNIA a.k.a. James Deeno get swept away in the delightful comedy and dazzling dancing in the film classic about Russians in Paris, the musical SILK STOCKINGS, starring Cyd Charisse and Fred Astair. JAMES got special tickets from the Film Society at Lincoln Center. They are about to get swept away in time!
'Something urgent has come up Boroff, I must postpone our meeting.' says Russian agent Ninotchka Yoschenko.
He's my guy! James
Deeno of the people. For people. Jimmy fights for the truth.
Thanks Jimmy!
What a flick. And it's a pretty, snowy night in New York. Let's go for a walk.
I know just the perfect place. Snowflakes and statues.
I really appreciate everything you've done for me .
BREAKING NEWS: SwampDUCK Floaties leak! Intentional flaws in the floatie device make for a fateful leathal swim! Manufacturing of the popular floaties have been traced back to an illegal foreign facility owned by Victor BUMP! Warning! Under no circumstances will the SwampDUCK Floatie Toy float.
YODI receives the red alert signal with eye-beam-invisible-sonar! Humans are on the eve of destruction. YODI sends out an emergency call for help to THE FIRE QUEEN!
Poor YODI. Sneaks out of his own bithday party. He knows SAUCY TRIO is about to do battle with the diabolical swamp breeder, SwampDROOD.

   SwampDROOD swamp breeder!

When I'm done with deregulations and genetic modifications, no living thing will survive on Earth with water!
Immoral Wackadoo!
I am so sick and tired of your swamp dad! You told me I could have my own swamp! DAD! You promised on your soul!
I lied . For your own good dear!
So it's true. Everybody told me. You are a liar, a fake cheat and a wacko! I QUIT!
Bedunka ! Wait! Daddy will never lie again.
Back at swamp central daddy and his little girl get into a bad tiff. BaDunka BUMP leaves family biz quits BUMP ENTERPRISE!

Poisoning Public H2O


Whoa! Bad curve!
FIRE QUEEN come in please!
Lost in TIME!
GO SPACE KITTY does a fly by but the Time Skid Space Warp keeps her in a cone of silence! FIRE QUEEN hears the silence of the fire. The quiet in the fire. She hears the tiniest shadow of a kitty voice and awakens! She powers up the flame shields in her CIRCLE OF FIREFIRE QUEEN puts on her fire ether armor and heads for the swamp to battle SwampDROOD!

FIRE QUEEN lives inside fire. Asleep in warm flames. She hears the scream for help.

Will FIRE QUEEN blast SwampDROOD or is it a trap? Stay tuned. Next episode all the beasties..
       Play with Fire

Fire Queen

FIRE QUEEN breathes in!
FIRE QUEEN  is the fire!
The fire dances!

No living thing can survive on planet Earth without H2O. WATER!

Jules Munshin, Peter Lore and Joseph Buloff in the Cole Porter classic dance number TOO BAD WE CAN'T GO BACK TO MOSCOW!
Great movie. Cyd Charisse is the best dancer ever!