Once upon an ancient time, in the Land of Colors & Colors on PLANET ZINNIA, a beautiful princess came to the people and brought hope. She is Of the People; By the People; and For the People. She is PAWSOME! Roxy Rox is the hero GO SPACE KITTY!!... GO SPACE KITTY loves all the COLORS of all the FLOWERS! Our KITTY HERO sends everybody a little FLOWER POWER to fight off evil and get you through that STORMY WEATHER!
BREAKING CULTURE: Just in! WE INTERRUPT THE NEWS TO BRING YOU THIS HUMAN EXPRESSION. One song can be performed by many different artists and reach a lot of different souls. It's a positive statement about everybody everywhere and music. For everybody. BREAKING CULTURE today. Just in.

Kitty Culture Commercial for as long As You Like It

   A few performances not so known but worth a play on a STORMY DAY

Paula Cole sings a gentle melancholy cover of the jazz classic. Asian with wonderful photography from our wonderful world.

TWISTED SOUL 1966 Berry Brothers and Eleanor Powell in Ramsey Lewis version  WADE IN THE WATER.

DEEPER Dimension jazzy bluesy version of American Spiritual Hymn WADE IN THE WATER.

STORY of SLAVERY project for a teaching sample about slavery and the Underground Railroad. Photos from a barbaric America.

Sofia Black D' Elia in a edgy TV show SKINS dancing a young modern pop; interpretation of the Marlena Shaw live version to the right.

Famous performance of Marlena Shaw. Cookin' With Blue Note at Montreux.

The Brussels Chamber Choir. Biem Van Hoften, Piano. Janelle Lucyk, soprano. Mark Trigg Baritone. The spiritual hymn made it to a famous choir in Belgium.

Sweet Honey in the Rock superb, powerful, engaging, performance during a sound check at Koerner Hall in Toronto.

Eva Cassidy sings the jazz standard AUTUMN LEAVES. Intimate space and performance from a great talent cut short.

Stunning Natalie Cole. If the first few words of this recording don't take your breath away you are probably no longer alive. We wish you well.

American Icon Doris Day "Miss Pretty As A Button" was a rare, rare talent. Still the power of her singing is at all times captivating and brilliant.

Andre Bocelli and his fiancee "Live" show in Tuscany, Italy. The song was originally in French.

Legendary French Diva Edith Piaf sings 1945 LES FEUILLES MORTES Autumn Leaves. Literally "The Dead Leaves" 

No selection of versions would be complete without the magic and perfection of the voice of Barbra Streisand. Je 'm appelle Barbra 1966.

Could not resist Natalie Cole performing "Live" in Switzerland. Wow what a singer. Could have eight versions of just Natalie!

Kitty Culture Commercial PRESENTS 8 versions of WADE IN THE WATER. That's right Daddy-O! H2O. Here comes the STORM. New Jubilee Songs first published this Spiritual Hymn in 1901. The song is a distillation from verses in Exodus from the bible when Israelites escaped doom from the Egyptians. So many covers exist, it was difficult to select.
Kitty Culture Commercial. SLAVERY SONGS. The Spiritual Hymns of slaves became the foundation for many expressions of music. Slave songs built The White House; the cotton industry; the tobacco industry; the farm machinery industry; and entertained every kind of people all over the earth for a couple hundred years with songs of God.
Kitty Culture Commercial: AUTUMN LEAVES 1945. Originally it was Les Feuilles mortes, The Dead Leaves. Hungarian French composer, Joseph Kosma. In 1947 the English version became a pop standard and a jazz standard. Another weather tune before the winter STORM blows in. GO SPACE KITTY! Hopes you enjoy our commercial break.
Remember GO SPACE KITTY! Loves all the COLORS of all the FLOWERS! Our KITTY HERO sends everybody a little FLOWER POWER to fight off evil and get you through that STORMY WEATHER! DON'T MISS OUR NEXT EPISODE...

Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo Don't tell me there's nothing to do

It takes every kind of people to make what life's about Yeah! Every kind of people to make the world go round

Give me one more chance, yeah now. That's all I need, whoa oh yeah Give me one more chance

Spike Lee & Mint Juleps Acapella (Italian for.... In the manner of the chapel) Don't let your heart slip away from me

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A Cappella Academy is an L.A. program to inspire contemporary a cappella. The Academy Choir, WADE IN THE WATER (spiritual).

a cappella: Italian for 'in the manner of the chapel'