GO SPACE KITTY... the Constitution Kitty; is a pawsome Super Hero Kitty that flies in on her rocket ship from Outer Space to save humans from their own determined self extinction; in the ultimate quest of GOOD vs. EVIL.
GO SPACE KITTY Internet Comic Strip began when a small group of friends believed they could make a real difference in the world with just a positive warm sharing outlook. We shared stories about Family, Friends, Food, and Pets; ergo DA COOKETTES became the group that can be summed up in one word. YUMMO!
GO SPACE KITTY Science Fiction Magazine is published by 'truthspaper' created and produced by joe siracusa and Gimmi Angel. GO SPACE KITTY is a fun comic book that uses the constitution and American history to map out the story of our super hero kitty from Planet Zinnia.
GO SPACE KITTY is free for everybody. It is funded by donations and the sale of GO SPACE KITTY STUFF! We hope you enjoy our Super Hero Kitty. We know she will always save the day! Any support is appreciated. Fun designs below of GO SPACE KITTY STUFF and the link to purchase T-shirts, Coffee Cups and other merchandise at "shop truthspaper". We hope the comic inspires democracy.

The comic strip was inspired by and old poem from Scotland about all the evil in the dark: From ghoulies and ghostsies. And long-leggedy beasties. And things that go bump in the night, Good Lord, deliver us !